As your partner in fire and life safety

As your partner in fire and life safety, we will support your existing system and design, and install and maintain a new one. We can work with you to create a plan to migrate your outdated or obsolete systems to newer, addressable systems often recommended by the local AHJ.

The Process

  • Inspect the system to ensure all NFPA service and condition standards are met
  • Identify potentially detrimental site conditions that could compromise the performance of mechanical and/or electronic components
  • Inquire about any changes or modifications of the fire detection and alarm system and changes in operation or general occupancy since the last inspection
  • Inspect the general condition and test the operation of the main and remote fire alarm panels
    Inspect and test smoke and heat detectors
  • Inspect and test all enunciators and zones
  • Inspect and meter all batteries
  • Inspect all output relays and test their activation
  • Inspect and exercise all flow switches, tamper switches, and low-pressure alarms
  • Verify that all signals are received by the Central Station or monitoring company, if applicable
  • Clean the detectors as needed in accordance with the manufacture’s guidelines
  • Test non-restorable heat detector circuits by simulating electrical operation at the wiring connection
  • Perform a functional test on all accessible heat-actuating devices
  • Inspect and exercise all supervised control valves and switches
  • Tag devices as required and perform all required record keeping
  • Compile a complete report of the inspection

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