Backflow Testing in Fresno California

Fire System Solutions, Inc. can install, inspect, and repair backflow prevention assemblies or devices serving Fresno, and surrounding areas. Your specific municipality’s regulations may differ, but typically require an annual inspection to ensure that backflow is being protected. Fire System Solutions Inc, skilled backflow experts will make sure you are following all applicable codes & standards, while keeping your water (and the public’s water) safe from contamination. To schedule your backflow inspection, or if you have any questions about backflow prevention – contact us by phone or email.

Backflow System

A backflow system must be tested and certified annually. The exact requirements for backflow preventers can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. During this test, water is manipulated through the device to make sure that check valves close and that relief valves open. Since backflow preventers are mechanical devices with metal, plastic, and rubber parts that are under constant water pressure, they are susceptible to failure and need replacement or repair.


  • Fire sprinkler backflow preventers
  • Domestic backflows preventers
  • Repairs and replacement
  • Documentation

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