Fire Pumps

Fire pumps are an integral part of commercial sprinkler systems and work in tandem with fire and life safety systems to protect people, buildings, and assets in case of a fire emergency. Fire pumps are required when municipal water systems can’t provide adequate pressure to meet the demands of a building’s sprinkler system, such as in high-rise buildings, or systems that disperse large amounts of water.

As your partner in fire and life safety

our experienced technicians can design, install, inspect, and maintain your fire pump system. Trust us to ensure sure your employees, visitors, and assets are safe, and your building meets fire codes and regulations.

The Process


  • Inspection of pump house for temperature, ventilation, and water collection
  • Inspection of pump system for suction and discharge, leaks, pressure gauge, and water flow test
  • Inspection of pump operation (both diesel and electrical systems per manufacturer)
    Inspection of steam system conditions
  • Pump operation test


  • Pump operation inspection including no flow start and run test


  • Full flow test (diesel and electrical systems)
  • Test fire pump alarm signals
  • Full inspection of all pump equipment

Every 5 Years

  • Internal pump inspections per manufacturer recommendations

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